Redsmart Printing

At Redsmart we just love to get creative! Whether you require a simple business card layout, a form designed to meet your requirements, a social media advertisement or a multi-page full glossy magazine.

We use a range of professional graphics, page layout and photo software packages on our suite of high powered PCs.

Do you have your own design? Ideas? Existing logo? Or do you require a fresh start? We are happy to discuss your requirements and lend our suggestions if required.

We are more than happy to work with other designers and creators. We can provide PDF templates for our most popular products complete with our requirements for dpi, embedded fonts, bleed etc.

Please CONTACT US if you require any further assistance.

With nearly 30 years experience in using the full professional editions of Corel Graphics Suite to create logos, brochures, flyers, business stationery, complex forms and anything and everything in print, Paul has proven to be popular, creating eye catching designs and page layouts for many local businesses. 

David has created much of the overall printing requirements and is particularly competent when it comes to image manipulation, photo editing, enhancements and blemish removals.

Our newest member, Donna, has been painting and creating images for many years. She is now showcasing her skills using our professional imaging software to create wonderfully personalised printed product designs on mugs, wood, glass, aluminium and more. Donna is also a member of our loving canvas team. No one does hand folded corners like her...... a joy to behold! 


Should you be considering using a piece of clipart or photograph as part of your printed item then we must remind you that the copyright of ALL pictures is held by the photographer or artist  (if self-employed) or the employer should that be a part of their job. You cannot use any such image unless you have agreed terms with the owner of the picture and in many cases, paid a fee for such use.

99.9% of all images or photographs found on the internet fall into the above statement and therefore cannot be replicated for your own use. There are professional sites containing pictures that can be purchased for use on your printed material.

Internet images look good on the screen but your screen only requires a resolution of around 74dpi whereas, in commercial printing, a standard resolution is about 300dpi or higher.

Please CONTACT US if you require any further assistance.

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