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• Tuition

Regardless of where you purchased your tower, laptop or tablet we are delighted to offer fun, affordable and informative tuition in the comfort of your own home.

We will run through the things YOU need help with, whether it is how best to use the internet, emailing, file management or general use of the operating system.

We have been offering this service for years and we have many very satisfied clients who enjoy our fun teaching methods. We guarantee we can help you!

Contact us with details of what you would like to learn and we can arrange a visit to suit you, any day of the week. Our charges start at just £15.00 +VAT per hour (plus travel costs agreed beforehand).

• Essential Office & Anti Virus Software

Most of us require some kind of office software occasionally or regularly. In our opinion there is nothing better than purchasing an edition of Microsoft Office as this ensures full compatibility with word processing files, spreadsheets etc between home and office, home and school. We are able to supply full product electronic licences available as a link in your email normally within an hour of purchase!

You may decide that you don’t warrant spending on Microsoft’s office suite as you are mainly creating files for your own use, in which case we can recommend the FREE Libre Office Suite which has a decent compatibility with Word & Excel
documents as well as giving you database, drawing and presentation packages. Please click on this link to visit the Libre Office official download page.

Of course, it is paramount that your system has some form of internet security. There are far too many bugs of all types, shapes and sizes just waiting to infect your precious system and data whilst browsing the internet, opening a well- 
disguised link in an email or by downloading something that isn’t what it seemed!

You must have a decent anti-virus or internet security package installed so we firmly recommend Bullguard Internet Security, available from us at just £25.00 +VAT for up to 3 devices per full year. This is only £20.00 +VAT if purchased with a new system! Alternatively, if you would prefer to protect yourself from some of the more common nasties (but still leave your door open to a few!) then for a free alternative we can recommend the free edition of AVAST Anti Virus.

• Free Trial Edition of Bullguard - clink link
• Purchase Full 1 Year 3 User Bullguard Licence £25.00 +VAT
• Purchase Microsoft 365 Personal 1 User Annual Subscription £49.99 +VAT
• Purchase Microsoft 365 Home 5 User Annual Subscription £66.66 +VAT
• Microsoft Office Home & Student Full Licence £99.99 +VAT

Why not contact us for more information on any of the above services.

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